NOTICE: Discover Wellness Pearland is now Revitalize Health - Sugar Land
Our office is now located at 10701 Corporate Drive, Suite 354, Sugar Land, TX 77477
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Our passion is providing Health and Wellness Coaching to allow people to help themselves move toward Optimal Health.

Our clients’ success stories are numerous and we take a very unique and different approach in helping our clients with their health concerns and issues. That approach is based in Functional Wellness. We are an integrative family wellness practice, founded by Ky Carlson, utilizing both traditional and alternative approaches. We dig deep, looking well beyond “normal” or “traditional” lab tests to find the root cause of the issue and then develops a plan that allows our clients to get results. We utilize in-depth and comprehensive testing which may include: blood, saliva, and stool testing. Utilizing these tests allows us to get to the root problem of a client’s conditions.

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About Our Founder, Ky Carlson

Ky Carlson earned his first doctorate in 2002 and spent two seasons with the Houston Rockets as a doctor. During this time, Ky Carlson also opened his first practice in The Woodlands, TX. Ky Carlson continued his studies in functional medicine and is currently completing his PhD in Integrative Medicine.

Ky Carlson's extensive background and research in functional health and wellness has resulted in many prestigious accolades and over 15 years of experience across his now multiple wellness centers throughout the Houston and Greater Houston area.

Functional Wellness for Helping Unresolved Conditions

At the Discover Wellness center in Pearland, TX, Ky Carlson and his team of functional wellness practitioners focus on helping chronic, unresolved health conditions, such as: thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, diabetes and blood sugar issues and more…

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Our approach is custom and unique for each patient.

If you’re thinking of seeing ANY type of doctor for your health issues, be sure to ask them if they focus on tough and challenging cases. This is a very important key factor in getting the help and healing you are seeking. If the doctor you are thinking of working with doesn’t give a good answer to this question, it’s best to explore other options. As practitioners who are highly trained and experienced in difficult, chronic conditions, we will take the time to listen carefully, evaluate thoughtfully and work on correcting the underlying causes of symptoms that often go missed.

Since no two human beings are the same, our comprehensive treatment plans are custom designed for each specific individual client and may include the use of Nutraceuticals (instead of Pharmaceuticals), various functional wellness therapies, lifestyle and dietary modifications and other methods of care to get you the solutions you need.

This is another very important factor when thinking of working with ANY type of doctor for your condition. If they subscribe to a “one size fits all approach” you need to explore other options for your care. Many health disorders are complex and must be evaluated fully…every stone turned and every symptom explored…only then can a safe and effective treatment plan — unique to you and your needs — be created to get you to optimum health and wellness. Read More

I have been in this program for 2 ½ months and I have had great success! I had been struggling with my right eye due to diabetes. When my eye began bleeding, I had to receive injections. I went for my check up and now that my sugars are controlled, the team at Discover Wellness said there was no sign of retinal detachment and that they couldn’t believe the improvement in such little time! One of my goals and wishes was to be able to drive again and that just might come true. Also my diabetes is better controlled and I am off of my insulin. Read MORE




This program was and is a success to me. I’ve tried several other programs including one from my primary doctor which didn’t show results like Discover Wellness. I came off of several meds, lost a good amount of weight, not to mention the additional energy. I’ve also learned proper way to eat with various types of food. The staff is well knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this program to others. READ MORE





My name is Angelica and I’m 43 years old. For the past 5 years I have been suffering with Hypothyroidism, severe inflammation and pain all over my body, diabetes, overweight, and lack of energy. Ever since I have discovered the program at Discover Wellness, I’ve been feeling so great with lots of energy and motivation. The whole staff at Discover Wellness has treated me with lots of respect and as a healthy normal person. So far I have lost 20 pounds with the teachings of the nutritionist. I look at myself I see a healthy human being. I love myself and feel happier more when my husband compliments me about my weight. READ MORE