Educational Classes

Educational Classes


We believe that KNOWLEDGE + ACTION is POWER. You can have all of the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t APPLY it…it’s useless. Our program is designed to show our clients HOW to apply the knowledge and GET RESULTS.


One day you read that a certain food is good and the next day you hear that it causes Cancer. Or you follow a guru on a certain way to exercise only to hear from another guru that its wrong! MOST PEOPLE THROW THEIR HANDS UP AND SAY “EVEN THE EXPERTS CANT AGREE…IM JUST GOING TO DO WHAT I WANT”

That is why we CUT THROUGH THE CHAOS! We will tell you the TRUTH about what WORKS and show you what GETS RESULTS. Our clients learn it, do it, get results. This positive feedback helps turn our program into a LIFESTYLE.  We do this because it is the best way to learn, have fun and improve your wellness experience and lifestyle


Wellness Seminars, Workshops and Classes

Adam Stedman   is the Program Director at Discover Wellness.

Adam provides his expertise and personal experience on health and wellness to all of our Wellness program members. Our members attend multiple workshops and classes during their wellness journey towards optimal health and wellness. These informative and fun workshops help to dispel myths, provide education and give hope and encouragement to those with health and wellness problems.

Adam is well received by all of our members because he helps them overcome challenges and obstacles, provides a relaxing and fun atmosphere to learn and apply the knowledge, and gives awesome tips on everything from planning and organizing to recipes and cooking. The atmosphere is fun and informal with the emphasis on patient education to provide the most out of your Wellness Program.

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August 13, 2015

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