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  • Have you been told that your labs are normal but you still feel lousy!

You already know that you have a Thyroid problem and are taking medication. Your labs come back “normal” and your doctor says that you are on the right amount of medication and there is nothing they can do! Or you tell your doctor about all of your symptoms, IN SPITE OF THE BLOOD WORK BEING “NORMAL”…and they give you an anti-depressant! MAYBE you have done your homework and feel that your Thyroid is part of the problem, but the labs come back normal and you feel like the doctors are telling you that it’s “ALL IN YOUR HEAD”!

We have seen and heard this thousands of times! The reasons for this is that you are a WHOLE BODY, a PERSON….you are NOT just a Thyroid. We MUST investigate ALL of the body in order to determine the cause(s) of your Thyroid issues and/or other health concerns. Also, most doctors are only ordering a few Thyroid tests…not ALL of the tests needed to fully investigate the problem.

  • Are you satisfied with the RESULTS that you are getting?

Many people tell us that they have been suffering for many years and they are NOT getting the results they want. They have been on various medications and their doctor has increased or decreased the dosage of meds…all just to still feel lousy! You may feel like you have tried everything but you still know that YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE YOUR NORMAL SELF! Einstein was attributed to saying “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!” You are NOT INSANE. You have just been stuck in a Medical Model that doesn’t look for the cause of the problem, nor does that system have a solution other than to medicate or do surgery to remove the thyroid. If you are wanting different results, then we are going to have to change. Read further for a plan that will change HOW you approach handling your Thyroid and other health issues.

  • Genetics vs. LIFESTYLE

While genetics does play a role in our health, only 3-5% of what happens to us health wise is controlled by genetics. That’s GREAT NEWS! This leaves 95-97% up to us! Lifestyle plays a much larger role in determining how healthy you are and the quality of your life. Getting the right information and applying it requires finding information that is true and has been proven to be successful AND having a system that works to apply it. Just KNOWING that exercise is important doesn’t really matter if you bought an exercise bike that is being used to hang your clothes on at the house!

  • Why doesn’t my Doctor Order ALL the CORRECT TESTS

When do we go to the doctor? When we are sick! We have a SICKCARE system in the US, not a HEALTHCARE system. We need to understand that our system is NOT set up to get you well! There is a difference in NOT BEING SICK and BEING HEALTHY!

One reason that your doctor does not order ALL of the CORRECT tests is that insurance doesn’t cover it. Our medical doctors are stuck in a system that is trying to save money…NOT looking out for your best interest. While your MD may care about you, youre insurance company mainly focuses on cutting costs.

Also, the same medical model that the doctors are trained in at medical school is not designed to look for the cause of the problem. Your doctor is trained to look for symptoms and treat those symptoms with medication or surgery. The medical model does not have another way to “treat” your problem. Times have changed over the last 50-100 years where your doctor was a teacher, someone that advised you on how to get better and stay better. Doctors today must see a patient every 7 minutes in order to keep the doors open. They simply do not have time to sit down with you one on one and educate you on your condition, show you a way to get the results that you need, and then follow up with you to make sure that you are on track.

Also, 90-95% of Thyroid issues in the USA are not a thyroid problem, they are an Auto-Immune problem. Auto-immune is where your body attacks itself. The medical model is not equipped to addressing auto immune issues very well, therefore they usually do NOT test for antibodies against your thyroid.

  • After running the Correct tests, you will find the CAUSE of the problem. Once you find the cause(s) of the problem, you have to Correct the dysfunction, not alter the labs with DRUGS.

Taking a medication to get your labs to go up or down MAY help with some of your symptoms, but the medication is NOT addressing the cause. You have to ASK THE QUESTION….WHY are my labs high or low? What CAUSED the imbalance? We all want our symptoms to go away, but what happens when you stop taking the medication or if you always need more medications, or a different medication? How are your symptoms anyway on the meds? Most people tell us they still do not feel well.

  • You need to address the body as a WHOLE.

You’re not just a THYROID. You have all of these systems. Our specialty is looking at ALL of the systems TOGETHER. When we LISTEN TO HOW YOU FEEL, review the blood work and other lab work, assess the other key organs (adrenals, pituitary, brain, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, etc), and put all of the pieces of the puzzle together…then we are able to develop a plan to help you with the cause if the problem. When we address the CAUSE of the problems, the symptoms go away. Isnt THAT what you really want?

  • You MUST have a Systematic approach!

Having a systematic approach means we are going to CUT THROUGH THE CHAOS and BAD INFORMATION that is out there. How many of you read one day that eggs are bad next day they’re good?  Or one day you listen to Dr Oz and he says drink Coffee? Then your doctor says NO. Or Butter?  At some point you throw your arms up and say forget it, I’m just going to do whatever I want b/c the experts can’t even agree. You need the CORRECT INFORMATION (education). You need a SYSTEM that lays that out step by step (a CURRICULUM.)