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Discover Wellness Success story

My most impressive success story so far is the successful enjoyment of a trip back to my wife’s hometown and 45th High School reunion last month. I have physically transformed into a smaller “me” who can wear more stylish clothing in much smaller sizes. This has had a huge impact on myself confidence in social situations that previously had been uncomfortable for me. It was fun to undertake a 2,400 mile road trip fully prepared with a cooler full of “good” snacks and bottled water to prevent those pit stop mistakes one always makes along the way. The 2 days of reunion activities with a group of total strangers was not only tolerable but actually fun! We were able to make good choices for meals along the way and choose to stay in places where we could cook our own food much of the time. We visited with friends and relatives who we had not seen in many years as well and it was so nice to hear the never ending compliments on how wonderful we both look! While our exercise and eating patterns were certainly disrupted on this 10 day road trip, I managed to return without having gained a single pound!

C C.

Discover Wellness Success story


My name is Angelica and I’m 43 years old. For the past 5 years I have been suffering with Hypothyroidism, severe inflammation and pain all over my body, diabetes, overweight, and lack of energy. Ever since I have discovered The Discover Wellness Program I’ve been feeling so great with lots of energy and motivation. The whole staff at Discover Wellness has treated me with lots of respect and as a healthy normal person. So far I have lost 20 pounds with the teachings of the nutritionist. I look at myself I see a healthy human being. I love myself and feel happier more when my husband compliments me about my weight.

A H.

Discover Wellness Success story

Little did I know when I went to the informational dinner that Discover Wellness was hosting in February that my life was going to change so dramatically.

I weighed 179.9 pounds and had lost and regained the same five pounds so often I felt my scale had a rut between the two numbers. I was always exhausted. My hip would keep me from having a good night’s sleep because of pain. It also made it difficult to get up and down to play with my two year old grandson.

When my family doctor doubled my thyroid medicine I thought good I’ll feel better and have the energy to clean house and work. Well I did not. My hypothyroid symptoms did not get any better. I still couldn’t lose weight, didn’t have the energy, and didn’t sleep at night.

Then I met Catherine. Immediately I started losing weight. I have lost 22 pounds and have gone from a size 16W to a size 12. The supplements she gave me included two for inflammation. While I still have a little discomfort it is a far cry from the pain I had been having. I can work and walk without the constant pain, and I can sleep without my hip waking me up. My energy level is up and I have been able to start attacking cleaning the room that has been delegated to put everything I don’t feel like dealing with.

The neat thing about all of this is still to come.

S B.

Discover Wellness Success story

All of us at DCO Commercial want to thank you so much for coming out to share and encourage us towards better health and overall wellness.

We found your information to be helpful, informative and beneficial.

Thank you for taking the time to encourage us towards a more optimal lifestyle.

Many thanks

DCO Commercial.

Discover Wellness Success story

This Program was and is a success to me I’ve tried several other programs including one from my primary doctor which didn’t show results like Discover Wellness.

I came off of several meds, lost a good amount of weight, not to mention the additional energy. I’ve also learned proper way to eat with various types of food.

The staff is well knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend this program to others.

F R.

Discover Wellness Success story

After going to the seminar hosted by Discover Wellness, I learned I could be helped with symptoms due to a low thyroid.

I started the Program with Catherine about 4 weeks ago. At the time I felt so bad with my hypothyroidism symptoms and high cortisol levels because of stress which added to my problems. I couldn’t sleep, had heart palpitations and no energy. After starting the Detox I began to feel and notice little burst of energy and times of feeling normal throughout days. It has been worth the effort of learning how to eat healthy. I am looking forward to see the end result after the program is complete. I thank the Lord and this team here at Discover Wellness. My life will forever be changed – No going back!

N H.

Discover Wellness Success story

I have been in this program for 2 ½ month and I have had success.

I had been struggling with my right eye due to diabetes with bleeding in my eye and had to receive injections. I went for my check up and now that my sugars are controlled, my primary doctor said there was no sign of Retinal detachment and he couldn’t believe the improvement in such little time. One of my goals and wish was to be able to drive again and that just might come true. Also my diabetes is better controlled and I am off of my insulin.

Thank you Discover Wellness

D N.

Discover Wellness Success story

“NO PREDNISONE ( Steroids )”

I’ve started Discover Wellness on June 4, 2014. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis approximate 12 years ago and with Diabetes for about 2 years ago. I was devastated knowing I had to take more medicines. Rheumatoid Arthritis limited me from my independence, enjoying life and a peace of mind. I had to take 10 mg of steroids every day, sometimes 2x a day, just to be able to go to work. Every day after work, I could not do anything nor go anywhere because of the pain limiting my mobility. This went on 12 years and I tried everything. Two weeks maybe less, I forgot to take my steroids. This was after I joined Discover Wellness, I couldn’t believe it. So now I am on NO MEDS!

I stop at stores, malls, still going after I get of work. You all just don’t know what a blessing, a joy and peace of mind this decision has been more me! I thank God for blessing me through Discover Wellness!

Best investment I’ve ever made!

M B.

Discover Wellness Success story

The reason I signed up with the Discover Wellness program in June of 2014, was to get my Type 2 Diabetes under control and to eliminate as many of the prescription drugs as possible. I also wanted to lose about 30 to 60 pounds as well, along with regaining my energy and muscle strength. Prior to starting the program, I had Triple Bi-pass surgery, replacement of my Aortic valve and had left Carotid Artery surgery all at the same time in 2012.

After the surgery, I was prescribed many drugs! I felt that I needed to do something to improve my health and try and reduce my dependency on the many prescription drugs that I was taking.

Therefore, when I saw the advertisement for possible reducing or eliminating my Type 2 Diabetes, I attended the seminar. What was said in that presentation made so much sense to me that I met with the staff that week and signed up to start on the program the following week.

To date I have been able to lower my blood sugars and cholesterol naturally and thus eliminate my Metformin and Lipitor. This was in agreement with my General Practitioner. The lab test that the GP saw convinced him that I was doing something right and to keep doing it – and I have!

It has been through better diet, exercise and elimination of all wheat products (read the Wheat Belly book). Plus increased consumption of natural foods, fruits and vegetables and filtered alkaline water. Yes it has been hard but not difficult, you just do it one meal at a time!

Thanks to Discover Wellness and your wonderful staff!

V G.

Discover Wellness Success story

I have been diabetic for ten years. I take pills and insulin, plus I have high blood pressure, kidney problems and swelling in my feet.

Before I started the program I saw an Interview with a man who claimed that after just 3 weeks in this program he had quit using one of his diabetes medicine. HARD TO BELIEVE!

Well I am 4 weeks into the program and I have had great blood pressure readings, swelling in my feet has gone down and there are days I no longer have to inject myself with insulin.

God bless these people!

E B.

Discover Wellness Success story

I started the Discover Wellness Program May 13, 2014. To date I feel I have made the right decision to change my old habits and focus on my well-being. I have set fairly high goals for myself so I can be the first to say it hasn’t been easy to go down this road but with the help and guidance of my mentors I know I can achieve the path in a lifestyle that I want.

I have been wanting to rid myself of this horrible disease Diabetes for approximately 40+ years and have tried many different remedies but to no avail until now. This program is exactly what I have been searching for. My diabetic numbers ranged from 600+ when I was first diagnosed to an amazing 75-100 since beginning this way of life. I truly questioned myself if I could follow this program. Stop what my doctors were telling me??? Then I thought, “Why am I here if I can’t follow directions. Reluctantly I stopped the insulin at night and to my amazement my numbers did not go through the roof but remained the same so I continued to follow the instructions and am totally insulin free and have been since July 1st. Thank you to all at Discover Wellness for giving me a new focus on life!

S M.

Discover Wellness Success story

I am very excited to share my story with you!

I saw the ad in the newspaper about the seminar and free dinner. My husband and I attended. I am sooo glad I did!!! I had been on prescription drugs for about 26 years, could not lose weight, tired all the time and had to take an over the counter sleep aide. Nothing was changing. One week on the Wellness Program, I gave up 3 of my prescription drugs! By the end of the same month, I was off all my meds. No longer needing a sleep aide, I stopped taking it. I feel like a “Brand New Person”! I am losing weight, have lots of energy! I have no cravings! The change in eating is great!

L P.