Every week, we visit with people who have accepted that they will never see resolution to their thyroid symptoms. They have usually spent hundreds of dollars on tests, medications, and doctors visits trying to feel better and are looking for solutions which no one seems to be able to provide.

As wellness practitioners, we understand the pain and frustration that this approach brings, especially when little change has been experienced. People are amazed when they finally visit with us and are presented with options that not only help them feel better for the first time, but take them from managing to solving their thyroid disorders.

A key component of our approach involves educating people about the underlying causes of their disorders. By helping people understand how their body functions and why their thyroid issues may have started, we are better able to assist patients in reversing these symptoms and then preventing them from recurring.

Usually, the things we discuss involve a few possible causes that haven’t been considered, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 causes of thyroid issues that we examine with our patients:

  1. Inflammation
    Inflammation is the key to all disease in the body, including thyroid issues. There are many reasons why the body reacts and responds to produce inflammation, however preventing it is the best way to stay healthy. By knowing the most common triggers that cause inflammation and disease, we can begin to isolate the reasons for inflammation, eliminate them, and aid our body in healing itself. Most people have tried thyroid medications and still experience issues because they are merely treating symptoms and trying to get different lab results, not attacking inflammation at the root.
  2. Diet
    Our diet and overall nutrition are essential for being healthy. What many people don’t know is that there is extensive proof that certain types of foods can cause immune responses in the body that attack the thyroid or thyroid hormones, even for people who eat “healthy.” One of the biggest disrupters for thyroid health is the presence of gluten/grains. While “Gluten Free” may just seem like a fad to some, our experience shows that it is at the top of the list of offenders to the body. Gluten is not alone–there are many other food triggers that should be evaluated and tested for as possible links to thyroid symptoms.
  3. Hormone Imbalances
    Hormones are chemicals that govern the entire body and how it functions. Keeping hormones balanced is vital for our health, so when our organs are not functioning correctly and our hormones are imbalanced, they create other issues–including thyroid problems. Specific hormone tests, plus blood and saliva tests can help identify where these issues are coming from and give insights on how to get the body functioning correctly. Since the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands, our reproductive organs, the entire digestive system, the brain, and other vital organs work to maintain this balance, they have to be treated as a whole! Proper assessment and testing of these organs as a system is instrumental in solving thyroid problems.
  4. Pregnancy
    We have found that pregnancy can trigger an imbalance of the thyroid, largely because of the changes in hormones and the body’s chemistry when carrying a child. There is also evidence that the body re-regulates its immune system and tries to adjust for changes in metabolism during pregnancy. These changes are temporary for most, but for some people, they can lead to ongoing thyroid problems even after giving birth.
  5. Emotional Stress
    The adrenal glands sit near the kidneys and produce many hormones that are vital to our health and well-being. The adrenals are known as our stress glands because they handle our “fight or flight” hormones like adrenaline. They also produce cortisol, a hormone that functions in close relationship with the thyroid. Our adrenal glands were made to adapt to stress for approximately 12 minutes, just enough time for us to deal with unusual situations and survive. However, our biology hasn’t caught up with the times. The high-stress, fast-paced lifestyles we live often require the adrenals to be working all day, thus causing adrenal stress and/or adrenal fatigue. This creates an imbalance of important hormones that affect the entire body, especially the thyroid.
  6. Environmental Toxins
    From plastics that leech chemicals to common household cleaners that can build up in your system, environmental toxins are a common cause of thyroid issues. That’s because these foreign chemicals enter the body and trigger immune responses to fight off their unnecessary presence. While not everyone experiences these issues, for some people, identifying and removing specific environmental toxins brings incredible relief.
  7. Organ Fatigue
    Our body is designed to filter the toxins that enter our systems, naturally or otherwise. However, we are exposed to more toxins now than ever before in mankind’s history and many times, our organs responsible for the work, like our liver, kidneys, and digestive tract cannot keep up with the demand. When this happens, symptoms present in a variety of ways, including thyroid issues. Helping the body properly and safely process the additional toxins in our bodies can alleviate symptoms presented elsewhere.
  8. Mineral Deficiencies
    Our soils have been proven to be deficient in some of the most important minerals and nutrients needed for the body. Therefore, even the healthiest organic food on the planet is still lacking certain vitamins and minerals that are needed for optimal health. When the body doesn’t have these building blocks of health, the whole system suffers and problems can present. By supplementing these minerals naturally, the body’s chemistry can be re-aligned and trained to operate properly.
  9. Birth Control & Hormone Therapy
    If you have ever taken a birth control pill or gone through hormone therapy, it may be part of the hidden problem with your thyroid. Since hormones are stored in our fat cells for long periods of time, we can experience hormone imbalance at any given time in our lives–not just when we are using these hormone-altering methods. Also, adding or altering hormones have been known to cause autoimmune reactions in some people, thus leading to thyroid issues.
  10. Exercise
    Exercise itself isn’t a bad thing, but not all exercise is good exercise. There are ways to exercise that can do more damage than good and can actually contribute to your thyroid problem. You need to have a fitness program and exercise plan that considers your health history so that you can get optimal results in the most efficient way.

Do you think that one or more of those causes applies to you? It can be daunting to try to tackle thyroid symptoms alone, let alone find the right approach to help you naturally and effectively identify the true reason for thyroid problems. Ky Carlson and the team at Revitalize Health have been effectively treating thyroid disorders for over 15 years, using a tailored approach of nutrition, testing, supplements and more to help individuals discover how to finally resolve their symptoms. Our staff can help answer the questions you have and sort through the clouded and confusing information available online to come up with a real plan for your health and wellness.